SWAT Team a Block Down

I was writing in my living room when I heard a loud but muffled voice over a PA. What the fuck! I walked outside trying to get a clearer understanding of what was being said. Finally I heard it. “This is the sheriff’s department. We have a warrant.”

Oh shit. I put on some pants and shoes and walked down my driveway to the street. Sure enough full on SWAT team just a few houses down and across the street. Before I can get a good look at the armored vehicle blocking my street I get stopped by street clothes cop in an unmarked vehicle half-blocking my driveway.

He was polite but stern. Explained that I needed to stay in my driveway because one of the people ran. Honestly, I wasn’t too concerned but he was just doing his jobs. Less than a minute goes by and he tells me the person was caught and everything’s cool.

Oh well, guess back to writing. 

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