Sweater Weather

I love the approach of “winter” in Austin. As soon as the faintest cold spell blows through (below 60) people break out the full on winter wear. I’m talking coats, scarves, caps, gloves — the works. Which is ridiculous because by 10 am it’s close to 80 degrees and all of those people begin to sweat, so they begin striping off their winter layers and dragging them around for the next five or six hours. It’s actually pretty hilarious.

Now I understand the excitement of slipping into that jacket you love or finally getting to use that scarf that stays buried in your drawer 10 months out of the year (sometimes 11) but do yourself a favor and don’t jump the gun. Be happy that you live in a climate where you rarely need to bundle up. There are actually people that live places where winter clothing is a necessity whereas here we just get to shut off the air conditioner for a few months — if we’re lucky.

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