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Movie Matinee – Updated

Earlier this week I started watching a movie on my computer but quickly decided that a Ridley Scott film is meant for the big screen, so I put up my 120 inch projector screen, sat back and enjoyed…well sort of. I paused the movie to answer a text message, and another text message, and another […]

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The Death of the Wave Back

It’s bumper to bumper traffic on a hot summer day. I feel the heat emanating from the drivers around me more than the heat steaming from the concrete roadway. Someone in the lane to the left of me has his right blinker on. Once the next minor lunge forward in my lane occurs, I keep […]

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DIY – A Trip to the Auto Parts Store

auto parts store

DIY is always something that I’m enthusiastic about. . .as long as it is from the comfort of my keyboard. I love watching YouTube videos on how to fix computer errors, upgrade the the components in my toilet tank to be more water efficient, or in this case to replace my break pads.Of course, actually […]

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A Eulogy

Computer Eulogy

Despite no person out there, save for a few friends, knew my computer personally, many of you have indirectly come in contact with him and I’m sure many more anonymous machines may have known him even more closely. He had a name, as required by Microsoft, but few knew it. His name was Hesse.Hesse was […]

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