On the Wrong End of the Sunrise

We’ve all been there. Natural light slowly infiltrates your dark cocoon or at least prompts you to turn off your lamp. Then with reluctance you look out your window to see the beginning of a new day – for everyone else. You, well, you’re the dumbass that just stayed up all night.

Then comes the self-recrimination. Did you really have to play the game that long? Why couldn’t you just put the book down? Was it really that important to watch the whole season in one sitting?

Next, the question. Do I go to sleep or stay awake? Regardless, your sleep schedule’s guaranteed to be screwed for a few days, but you don’t realize that because, on top of being sleep deprived, your brain’s fried from whatever screen or page you’ve been staring at for the last ten plus hours.

If you decide to stay awake then you’re in for some fun. And if you’re over the age of 25, around the time you spill coffee grounds all over your kitchen counter, you will most likely utter the line made famous by Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon – “I’m too old for this shit!” And you’ll be right.

But as you go about your daily tasks (hopefully there aren’t too many important ones) you might begin to enjoy the disjointed fog in your head.

You might even write a blog post about it.

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