In Need of a Montage

As my year off comes crashing to an end and I am not only in the midst of rewrites on my novel but also searching for employment, I find myself in desperate need of a montage.

A simple scene in my life where the upbeat music plays and we catch glimpses of me working hard: furiously typing at the keyboard with papers strewn about and a half empty (not half full) pot of coffee beside me, pouring through countless books on how to rewrite my novel, heated discussions with my editors, me in a suit shaking hands with my new employers and lastly me wiping sweat from my brow as I set a copy of my book down while twenty plus mysterious people applaud in the background behind me. You know a nice cheesy 80s style montage. Think Real Genius.

Come to think of it a montage would’ve been quite helpful while writing the first draft too. Guess I can piece together one in my memory and save it up for inspiration on the next book.

Oh well. Instead I have to deal with reality: searching online want ads for employment, revising and submitting my resume, picking through several books on rewriting to find the gems that will actually help me do it, and the long breaks in between listening to the A Song of Ice and Fire (A Game of Thrones) audio books while cleaning my house and drinking beer (sometimes). I haven’t even started the actual rewrites. All in due time. Besides, the real joy in life comes from the hard work we put into our accomplishments not simply the reward from the final product.

Ah, who am I kidding. Quick, queue the cheesy music.




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