Quikster, Huh?

I received a mass email from Netflix’s CEO yesterday about how Netflix is taking the split between streaming and DVDs one step further. DVD rentals will now be under the company name quikster.


My first thought was that I didn’t care because I dropped the DVDs when the price increased. My second thought was, quikster, what I stupid fucking name.

Considering the immense popularity of Netflix (they’re still my hero for all but taking out Blockbuster) it’s probably a dumb decision to re-brand the foundation of the company. I’m sure they have their reasons and probably teams of people who determined that not only would the separation work but that quikster was the right name, based on endless surveys, polls and market research.

On a side note, I want to say to all of those people upset by Netflix’s price increase, STOP WHINING! Having access to pretty much every movie and television show available on DVD for $16 a month is a great deal!

I agree with the CEO. They were hasty in their introduction of streaming content. And I know that one of the primary complaints about the streaming content is that there’s not enough new stuff. That’s also the most frequent complaint about the DVDs. Content costs are not cheap and by delaying the release of newer stuff Netflix keeps your price lower.

Another misconception about Netflix is that it’ll replace your video store. It doesn’t. If you only watch new release movies, if when you want to watch a movie, you want something specific and you want it now—Netflix is not for you. Netflix is for movie lovers. People who can watch movies back to back to back. People who are willing to try something new or weird.

I’m not sure about Netflix’s new business move, but I will continue to be a customer.

For those of you who subscribe to their streaming content I’ve listed some great links that can assist you in finding new and interesting stuff to watch on Netflix:




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