Cigarette Warning Labels Blocked

A federal judge has blocked the implementation of new warning labels on cigarette packs in the United States.

I say good for the judge. Hey, I understand that smoking is bad for your health. Hell, even tobacco companies will finally admit that. I was a smoker for a long time and still enjoy a cigarette every now and then. I’m also all for the regulation of big corporations such as tobacco companies and having the FDA step in and make laws to protect the public health. But this, well, this is just fucking ridiculous.

Oh, FDA, you figured it out. Smokers all over the country are going to enter their local drug stores, supermarkets and convenience stores, see these new labels and drop to their knees in tearful fits of hysteria, begging the world to forgive them for being addicted to such a nasty, harmful, unhealthy and LAWFUL product. Oh, FDA, you will scare all smokers straight! Never mind that cigarettes are crazy addictive or that people have the right to choose to do harmful things to themselves.

Honestly, I don’t see how these images are going to break smokers. Similar labels have been used in other countries to no avail. Now I could understand if this was just about sticking it to big tobacco for fucking with us for so long. You know denying that cigarettes were harmful and that they marketed them to young people. That I would understand. But sadly, that is not what the FDA is for. Instead of working so hard on these stupid images try spending more time making sure my food isn’t contaminated.

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