Drawing the Line on Poverty

Well, the new poverty report came out yesterday. Guess what? More people are impoverished. Not much of a surprise there.

Currently our poverty rate is at 15.1 percent, a 0.8 percent increase since 2009. Wow, less than a percent increase. Now you might say, that doesn’t sound so bad, but something tells me that the 2 million and 400,000 people that are now under the poverty line might think differently; a poverty line that is set at below $22,314 for a family of four!

For more specific information about the report click here or here.

Everything’s going to be okay, though, so don’t panic. I have a solution, one that will work. It’s just time to lower that poverty line! How far does it have to go down to get our percentage correct? Hmm, $20,000? Maybe 19,000? Just to be safe let’s make it $15,000 and maybe say it’s for a family of five. That’s $3,000 dollars a person. That sounds reasonable.

We should keep up the cycle of dumbing down our citizens and quenching their fears by giving them statistics to make them feel safe and happy when we need them to feel safe and happy or by providing stats to make them terrified when we need them terrified.

If our population doesn’t appear educated, well, let’s just make it easier to graduate from high school. That’ll get those stats up. Hell, we’ll dumb down the college system too – have us more educated folks. Hell, how do you think I got a college education?

Of course, I’m just reacting to yet another statistic. Okay, nonsensical preaching over. Thanks.

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