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The Rum Diary

I watched The Rum Diary at one of my local theaters yesterday. It has received mixed if not negative reviews but I’ve never been one to believe reviews and had to see the movie for myself. I also read the book by Hunter S. Thompson some years ago. Good book and good movie. Damn the reviewers. […]

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Movies: Drive and 50/50

I recently watched two new movies, Drive and 50/50. Drive has been marketed as an action movie. Although there is definitely action in the movie, it can’t really be categorized as what most people think of as a traditional blockbuster type action flick. If you’re looking for the next Fast and Furious stay away. Some of […]

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The Wheel Workers

Here’s a video from a great band that I really like called The Wheel Workers. If you like it you should check out their website and listen to some more of their songs and buy an album.

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