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Ranked, Abused, and Shocked

So, let’s see a few of the things that happened this weekend: 1. The United States gets ranked #26 for worldwide internet download speeds. I bet we’re #1 for internet cost. 2. The Occupy Wall Street Protest moved into week two. There’s been a lot of police violence and little news coverage. Figures. 3. Herman […]

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The Wheel Workers

Here’s a video from a great band that I really like called The Wheel Workers. If you like it you should check out their website TheWheelWorkers.com and listen to some more of their songs and buy an album.

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In Vino Veritas, In Vivos…Not So Much

Vivos, which translates into living, is in the business of “underground shelter networks for long-term survival of future catastrophes.” Wow! And this ain’t your grandpa’s bomb shelter, because even during armageddon you should have options. You can go with the first class shelter with more lavish accommodations for the reasonable starting price of $25,000 per person or, […]

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