In Vino Veritas, In Vivos…Not So Much

Vivos, which translates into living, is in the business of “underground shelter networks for long-term survival of future catastrophes.” Wow!

And this ain’t your grandpa’s bomb shelter, because even during armageddon you should have options. You can go with the first class shelter with more lavish accommodations for the reasonable starting price of $25,000 per person or, in considerations of people with smaller budgets, (but what does money really mean when the world is blowing up) Vivos has an economy class for the low, low price of $9,950. I really like how they knock 50 bucks off to make it only 4 figures instead of 5. I mean, this isn’t a taco combo meal, this is a shelter for the end of the fucking world! If you have big bucks they will design you’re own private “luxury yacht” of a shelter.

And, oh yes, in case you weren’t sure when the end of the world is coming they have a whole section devoted to prophecy on their website and are even sweet enough to include a doomsday countdown clock.

Wow! This is seriously fucked up! Check it out for yourself:


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