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Super Committee – What a Joke!

The Congressional deficit reduction panel, aka the Super Committee, is a joke. You’re never going to find a way to reduce the deficit when half of the people on the committee refuse to be logical or even reasonable. The Republicans in no shape or form will ever put tax increases on the table unless revenue […]

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Jeffress Speaks Truth, Well Sorta

“Do we want a candidate who is a good, moral person, or do we want a candidate who is a born-again follower of the Lord Jesus Christ?” This is a question posed by Dr. Robert Jeffress of the First Baptist Church in his introduction of Rick Perry at the Values Voter Summit. Wow! I always thought these […]

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Donate to End Class Warfare

The Republicans have a solution to this new class warfare that has been so wrongly put upon them. Whew, I was worried there for a little while. Here it is. If you are a wealthy American and feel that people in your tax base should be taxed more, you should just shut your mouth, open […]

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