Super Committee – What a Joke!

The Congressional deficit reduction panel, aka the Super Committee, is a joke. You’re never going to find a way to reduce the deficit when half of the people on the committee refuse to be logical or even reasonable. The Republicans in no shape or form will ever put tax increases on the table unless revenue increases result in removing tax breaks for lower income people or flattening the tax so that the wealthy pay less and the average American pays more.

Instead the Republicans will continue to do what they do best: lie and pander. Meanwhile Democrats will do what they do best: nothing. Republicans will say that the Democrats aren’t willing to negotiate which is bullshit because we’re in this mess largely because Dems have bent over in all previous “negotiations.”

It’s in the Republicans best interest to sabotage the plan. This way when the plan doesn’t get approved by Congress by January 15th the automatic near 1 trillion spending cuts will be triggered. Those cuts will come from defense spending and other discretionary programs that help people. And the Republicans win, again.

Short of killing social security and eradicating national defense, there is no way to balance the budget without increasing revenue — tax increases and cutting tax breaks. If we cut all tax breaks (most of which go to the wealthy) we would double our tax revenue. Want to balance the budget? Slash the tax breaks, all of them. Balanced. Easy – Done.

See right now the Republicans are getting a twofer. When they pass legislation to give tax breaks and credits to corporations and the wealthy, they help out themselves and their cronies, but they also simultaneously cripple the federal government. Then they can point and say, “Hey look, this federal government thing doesn’t work.” Yeah, because you broke it!

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