Serial Addiction – It’s Killer

Ah, addiction — it’s a bitch. I’m exhausted this morning while I write this post because of it. I was up until six in the morning and had a breakfast scheduled with a friend at 9:30, so I got a whopping three hours of sleep.

So, addiction you ask? Is it booze? Hard narcotics? No, nothing as interesting or scandalous as that. My indiscretion last night — television. I went to watch the season premiere of Dexter only to realize that I missed all of the previous season. It did seem like the show had taken a rather long hiatus. Now I know why.

Ah, that damn insatiable desire to find out what happens next and it’s just a click away. I’d find my self thinking, now, Casey, you really should go to sleep. You can watch the next episode tomorrow. Then the little voice in my head says, just one more, just click the next button, one more won’t hurt

Anyway, I watched the whole season and now you get this rambling, mindless post.

Addiction can present itself in the strangest ways. I guess what it boils down to is a form of escape, so whether it heroin, alcohol, fast food, video games, sex, movies, even exercise, all things have the potential for danger when you take them too far.

Fortunately, there are minor consequences to my 10-11 hour escape, other than feeling like a zombie today. Take care. I think I’m going to see if I can nap some of my zombie away.

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