New Foible Found

I’m amazed that as neurotic as I am I still find annoying foibles about myself. After all of these years I thought I would’ve figured them all out. Now, I understand that we can all develop new annoying ticks and habits as we stumble through life, but this one I just realized is not a new one, at least I’m pretty sure.

I noticed this latest habit while sitting in a coffee shop. The place was as quiet as a library which is sort of annoying. While I don’t expect a coffee shop to be as raucous as a bar, I do expect more noise than a mortuary. I changed my comparison from library to mortuary because the last time I went to a library it was actually quite noisy, far noisier than the aforementioned coffee shop, but I digress.

Because it was so quiet, I became aware that I do not drink coffee. I do not sip coffee. No, I slurp coffee. I realize this is a common method for us humans to drink hot liquids, namely soup, tea and apparently coffee. While at the coffee shop I made a conscious effort not to slurp, but it was hard. It’s been weeks since this discovery and I continue to slurp my coffee, even when it’s not hot.

I understand this probably holds little interest for the four people who read my postings but hopefully you at least find it amusing and will now perhaps be on the lookout and consequently haunted by your own personal foibles.

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