Education or Oil – Hmm, Which One Will Texas Pick?

Looks like Texas is going to take over $135 million reserved for public schools and other services and use it instead to pay for tax refunds to oil refineries.

Texas public schools were already hit hard this year when their funding was slashed by close to $4 billion dollars. Now, the commissioners that Rick Perry assigned might take even more money and put it back into the hands of big oil. That Ricky Perry, he really knows how to create jobs, let me tell ya. This one hits even closer to home, because if the commission approves the tax refunds my former school district will most likely have to return 11.3 million dollars.

Who really cares about educating our youth anyway? I mean the only people who should be educated are the people who can afford it, right? After all, an uneducated workforce is much more obedient, easier for educated folks to use them as they please. I have an idea. We could give employers, sorry, job creators corporal punishment rights too, so they can put any disobedient “employees” in their place. Ahh, and then we’d be one step closer to the golden age of this country.

Okay, done with the rant. Thanks.

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