Donate to End Class Warfare

The Republicans have a solution to this new class warfare that has been so wrongly put upon them. Whew, I was worried there for a little while. Here it is. If you are a wealthy American and feel that people in your tax base should be taxed more, you should just shut your mouth, open […]

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Ranked, Abused, and Shocked

So, let’s see a few of the things that happened this weekend: 1. The United States gets ranked #26 for worldwide internet download speeds. I bet we’re #1 for internet cost. 2. The Occupy Wall Street Protest moved into week two. There’s been a lot of police violence and little news coverage. Figures. 3. Herman […]

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There’s Just Never Anywhere to Park

Between New York and D.C., diplomats owe close to 18 million dollars for parking tickets! To be fair some of these tickets date back as far as 1970, but then again maybe that should be further cause for rage. I realize that there are far greater problems than self-important foreigners not paying their parking tickets, […]

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