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Corporate Camps, Profit for Prisoners

I’ve been horrified for quite sometime at the privatization of prisons in this country. What I was unaware of is the privatization of immigration enforcement. “In the United States — with almost 400,000 annual detentions in 2010, up from 280,000 in 2005 — private companies now control nearly half of all detention beds, compared with […]

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Donate to End Class Warfare

The Republicans have a solution to this new class warfare that has been so wrongly put upon them. Whew, I was worried there for a little while. Here it is. If you are a wealthy American and feel that people in your tax base should be taxed more, you should just shut your mouth, open […]

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Ranked, Abused, and Shocked

So, let’s see a few of the things that happened this weekend: 1. The United States gets ranked #26 for worldwide internet download speeds. I bet we’re #1 for internet cost. 2. The Occupy Wall Street Protest moved into week two. There’s been a lot of police violence and little news coverage. Figures. 3. Herman […]

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