Searching for Swimmers–Chapter 8

Two days later, Jason stood outside FedEx holding the package that came from his package. He tried to remember what had actually convinced him to jerk off into the vials. Was it Jessie and John’s argument? My mom’s voicemail about my new niece? A symbolic gesture, each vial representing an empty hole in my heart? Jason laughed. Nah, probably just the money and the warm feeling that my swimmers finally have a destination other than a tissue, toilet bowl or shower drain.

          Jason had looked into a refund, but one wasn’t possible and the cost included five free months of storage. If he didn’t send his sperm in, he’d just be wasting money, and he wasn’t the sort of person to waste money. Still, he wasn’t sure if he should go through with it. It was at least worth a few extra minutes of contemplation before he mailed his sperm across the country. Finally, he took a deep breath and walked inside. 



            Reese opened the package, removed the contents, made sure that they were labeled correctly, and then stored the vials in the incoming specimen freezer for the lab technicians.


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