Searching for Swimmers–Chapter 4

For Reese Taylor, it was just another day at CryoGenerous. She scanned through the cryobank’s general email inbox and looked for any attached files that needed to be printed and processed. Reese was a nice girl. In actuality she was a woman, nearly thirty, but her appearance and actions frequently lead people to treat her as if she were younger, and not always in the most flattering ways. She dressed conservatively, rarely showing any flesh, in mainly long skirts and tightly buttoned blouses. Reese had never had much luck attracting the attention of men. Sure, she’d been out on some dates, but the relationships seldom lasted beyond the first date and rarely moved beyond three. She felt her lack of success was due to her mousy appearance. She knew she should lose her glasses and probably about ten pounds, but she didn’t like touching her eyes, loved good food, and hated gyms. No, the right man for her would just accept these flaws in her or he was no man for her.

            Reese enjoyed her work but didn’t much care for the job. She liked the work itself: responding to emails, printing out forms, filing papers, answering the phone, scheduling appointments. Tasks that many would find boring, Reese found soothing. She also enjoyed that she was applying her skills to a good cause—helping others have children. But the atmosphere created by some of her co-workers and superiors made her uncomfortable. Oh, they were all pleasant on the surface, most of the time, but she feared even shallow digging would reveal that they weren’t very nice people. But it wasn’t her place to judge, so she just kept her head down, applied her focus to her work and tried to ignore everyone’s superficial surface.

            She walked from her desk and went to the supply closet down the hallway. She picked out a prepackaged do-it-yourself donation kit and prepared it for delivery to Jason Purdue.


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