Searching for Swimmers–Chapter 33

Jason’s mind was blank as he drove along Highway 101. His mind started to wander but to no concrete, coherent place. He did not event feel the steering wheel below his fingers. The ride felt more as if he’d pushed the auto pilot button and his car was now driving him to a preselected destination. It was only after he was halfway back to San Francisco that Jason realized he hadn’t actually selected a destination. He had originally planned on catching a flight home from the San Jose airport. He didn’t give this realization much thought and continued down the highway, letting destiny take the lead.

            Before long, he found himself before a surprised rental car employee who had not expected a return, since Jason had requested a one-way rental. The employee happily accepted Jason’s car.

            “Will you be grabbing the tram to the airport terminal, or perhaps, require a ride to another destination, Mr. Purdue?”

            Jason stared blankly ahead.

            “Mr. Purdue?”

            Jason blinked. “If it’s not too inconvenient, I’ll need a ride to the Mission District.”


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