Searching for Swimmers–Chapter 19

“Where to?”

            Jason showed the cab driver his phone where he already had a map of CryoGenerous on the screen. “Know where this is?”

            “I do now. Let me grab your bag and we’ll be on our way.” The cabby put Jason’s small rolling bag into the trunk then hopped behind the wheel. “So CryoGenerous. What is that? Some new tech company? Don’t look dressed for an interview. Then again, guess geeky types don’t really dress for success. No offense.”

            “None taken since I’m not a geeky type. At least, I don’t think I am.”

            The cabby eyed Jason then turned around and started the engine. “Nope, you look like your average Joe. Your name’s not Joe, is it?” He laughed.

            “Nope, Jason.”

            “Well, Jason, welcome to Austin. You here for business or pleasure?”

            “Hmmm, not sure.”

            “Well, if you tell me what this CryoGenerous is, maybe I can help you out.”

            “It’s a cryobank.”

            “A cryo-what?”

            “A sperm bank.”

            “Oh, in that case, sounds like you’re here for business and pleasure. Ha, ha.”

            “If you say so.”



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