Searching for Swimmers–Chapter 11

The silver Honda Civic glided down the James Lick Freeway on a happy mission. The sky was so saturated in blue that the color broke apart in a cascade of shades going from cornflower to azure. Not a cloud could be found. The back windows were rolled down to allow the cool breeze to circulate throughout the car, permitting the wind to wildly whip through the hair of the woman in the passenger seat. The short hair of the driver was only tussled.

            “I can’t believe we’re finally doing this,” the passenger exclaimed.

            “I love you so much,” said the driver.

            “I love you, too.”

            “And you’re going to make our baby so beautiful.”

            “I still think it should be you.”

            “Despite the fact that you’re gorgeous, we both agreed that you were the better fit.”

            “I know. I just wanted our baby to have your eyes.”

            “Well, now he’ll have your smile instead.”

            “He, huh?”

            “Yeah, I’m happy with whatever we get, but I’m leaning towards a boy. What about you?”

            “I don’t want to say.”

            “Why not?”

            “Okay, okay. I want a boy, too.”


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