Potty Trained

I repaired my toilet and bathroom sink today and am proud to say I only had to visit the hardware store once. No return visits! I realize to most people this means little, but to me it was an accomplishment. The time it takes me to do simple repairs is typically quadruple the normal person.

The other reason for this post is to have an excuse to post pictures of commodes. I use the word, “commode” for two reasons. One, my late grandfather, Frank Malcolm, always referred to the toilet as the commode.

Second, my cute as a button two-year-old grand niece who is undergoing the arduous task of potty training for some reason refers to her pink toilet as a commode. Neither me, my mother, or my niece (her mother) have any idea how or where she learned this word. Surely if Frank were still alive he’d have taught it to her. That or Yo Gabba Gabba has added commode dance routines.

Curiously enough Mackenzie (grand-niece) has it right. A toddler’s potty toilet is more of a commode than a toilet as a commode frequently refers to a portable toilet.

So as a tribute to Frank and encouragement to my grand niece let’s look at some commodes.


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