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First Draft Finished

Just to notify the five people who read this blog, I finished the first draft of my book today. Please hold your congratulatory cyber pats on the back, because now the nightmare of rewrites begin and, trust me on this one, the rewrites will be long and extensive. With any luck the book will be […]

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New Foible Found

I’m amazed that as neurotic as I am I still find annoying foibles about myself. After all of these years I thought I would’ve figured them all out. Now, I understand that we can all develop new annoying ticks and habits as we stumble through life, but this one I just realized is not a […]

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I saw Radiohead tonight. For those interested the votes are in: Erwin Center – still sucks.Radiohead – still awesome. Let us take a moment in appreciation of Radiohead.

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Since my two month hiatus from my novel it has become necessary for me to reread everything I’ve written so far in order to get reacquainted with the story and characters. At the sacrifice of trees, I decided to read it in hard copy format. So I printed it out last week, stuck it in an […]

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